Hotel housekeeping system

User-friendly hotel housekeeping system

Hibox Housekeeper is a hotel housekeeping system that is designed
to be a convenient support tool for:
- Hotel cleaners
- Hotel support personnel

Our hotel housekeeping system comes with a user-friendly interface,
and is packed with great features.

With Hibox hotel housekeeping system You can

- Report room cleaning
- Send problem reports containing text and photos of broken items
- Report minibar usage
- Manage multiple cleaning sessions
- Link directly to the Property Management System in the hotel

Easy to use and learn hotel housekeeping system

Our design team made Hibox Housekeeper as straightforward and as
user-friendly as possible. The basic operations of the system,
that are required in daily usage can be learned in just a few minutes.

The hotel housekeeping system can be used both via smart phones and tablets.

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If You are looking for a reliable and up-to-date hotel housekeeping system, feel free to contact us!

Hotel housekeeping system from Hibox