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Hotel Housekeeping System

Hibox Housekeeper is a convenient support tool for housekeeping and service personnel. Integrated with the PMS, the app facilitates the collaboration in all service operations, making daily tasks faster and more efficient. Running on a variety of mobile devices, the app is the perfect tool to manage and follow up the cleaning and maintenance activities in hotels, hospitals, cruise ships and similar locations.

Reporting made easy

Our hotel housekeeping system makes it easy for the staff to report the cleaning process, minibar purchases made by guests and problems in rooms. When beginning the cleaning, simply select start and when the room is cleaned, confirm it. The user is presented with a very clean and simple user interface, which is focused on getting things done.

Powerful task management

The staff can create problem reports with photos of broken items and assign the issues to other users or teams. Every user or team now has their own issue list. Also lost & found items can be photographed and reported. With the quick links to common problems, issue reporting has never been easier.

Integration with PMS

Hibox Housekeeper can be seamlessly integrated into your Property Management System. Thanks to the PMS integration, the staff can view guest information before entering the room, cleaned rooms are available to new guests immediately, and in-room purchases are posted directly on the room bill.

Service call system for hospitals

When used in combination with the TV system, the Hibox Housekeeper is a fully functional service call system for hospitals. Patients can make service requests on the TV and the requests show up as tasks in the Housekeeper.

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Statistics for intelligent decision-making

Managers can create customisable reports with statistics on cleaning activities, minibar consumption, issues, tasks etc. The cumulative statistics give management the birds-eye perspective to fine-tune daily operations, remove bottlenecks and identify recurring problems.

Hotel housekeeping system with quick installation

The Hibox Housekeeper is made easy to set up. Because the application runs in a web browser, all you need to do is insert the provided URL and login with your credentials and you are ready to use the housekeeping system. Once this has been made the housekeeping personnel can access the system using the quick login feature.

  • ✔  Cleaning reporting to PMS
  • ✔  Multiple cleaning sessions
  • ✔  Minibar usage reporting to PMS
  • ✔  Problem reporting with assignment and quick links to common issues
  • ✔  Service call for hospitals
  • ✔  Take photos of broken and lost & found items
  • ✔  Integration with PMS system
  • ✔  View guest & reservation information from PMS