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Hibox evacuator user interface on panel screen
Product overview Hibox Evacuator is a model for triggering and displaying emergency messages and sounds on Smart TV's using a connected touch-screen control panel in the hotel's reception. The control panel's user interface is as simple as a physical button, but enables sequential evacuation sequences, fire rehearsals and fully customized messages. Hibox Evacuator can only be used together with Hibox Smartroom.
Customizable messages and buttons The messages that are sent in an emergency situation can be configured on the IPTV server, and the buttons on the alarm messaging panel are automatically populated with the titles of the messages. The control panel can have up to eight message buttons for different purposes: e.g. a first alarm warning, an evacuation command, a false alarm message, an evacuation rehearsal sequence etc.
Encryption and authentication Hibox Evacuator brings IT security of emergency messaging to a new level by introducing SSL encryption on the network connection.
Support for several buildings The control panel has connectors for up to 6 relay signals. This is convenient if your hotel is a complex comprising several buildings and in the case that each building has its own alarm control system and corresponding signals. In order for the emergency messages to be sent only to the affected building, the control panel has support for selecting the building based on a descriptive name.
  • Emergency messages including text and sound to all TVs by the press of a button
  • Automatic trigger of first message based on relay signal from primary alarm system
  • Messaging to up to 6 different buildings, areas or groups of rooms