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NOTE : Hibox Systems is a technology company that sells solutions to service providers. We do NOT provide any content or services to consumers ourselves.



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  Watson Nordic, a Nordic OTT multiscreen service relies on the Hibox Aura middleware and system integration offered by Hibox. The service is available on Smart-TVs, set-top-boxes, HDMI sticks, PCs and mobile devices and features content from the largest video rental chain in Finland, Makuuni.

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  Solcon NV, one of the leading Dutch ISPs, provides an IPTV&OTT service where consumers can watch Live TV, recordings and Video-On-Demand on set-top-boxes, laptops as well as mobile devices. Furthermore, the service is integrated with leading Video-On-Demand services in the Netherlands.

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  Grupa Multiplay, an ISP based in Poland uses the IPTV middleware software platform Hibox Aura to deliver interactive entertainment content to residential and commercial customers.

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  Coopeguanacaste, is a cooperative which provides electric services in Costa Rica and have now expanded into a new Business segment, providing fiber connections together with IPTV Service using Hibox platform. They wanted a flexible turn-key solution which allowed for rapid development and customization. Their TV offering is including 150 international TV channels.

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Canopy Samsung tv frame

Canopy by Hilton is the lifestyle hotel brand of Hilton Worldwide. The first Canopy hotel in the world, in Reykjavik, Iceland, utilises Hibox Smartroom in-room TV system for information, entertainment and screen sharing.

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Sunborn Samsung tv frame

Sunborn operates hotels, restaurants, spa resorts and yacht hotels in Finland, Germany, Denmark and England, and uses Hibox Smartroom to provide interactive TV to their guests.

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Sokoshotels Samsung tv frame

Sokos Hotels, the biggest hotel chain in Finland, uses Hibox Smartroom and Hibox Housekeeper in a number of locations, including their highest-profile hotel Sokos Hotel Presidentti.

Omenahotels Samsung tv frame

The Omena Hotels chain has 7 hotels in Finland. Hibox's IPTV system is fully integrated into all operations and is used in every hotel to promote the brand and to improve customer service through interactive services.

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Viking Line Samsung tv frame
Viking Line

Viking Line is the market-leading brand in passenger traffic on the northern Baltic Sea. M/S Viking Grace, the flagship of Viking Line, runs Hibox Smartroom on Philips Smart TV:s, and also the Housekeeper for selected cleaning management.

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The World Samsung tv frame

The World is the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth. The yacht, equipped with 165 luxury apartments and over 200 crew cabins, is powered by the Hibox Smartroom TV Solution.

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Emerald Samsung tv frame

Integrated with the SPMS, Hibox Smartroom provides a versatile infotainment solution to river boats from Emerald Waterways. The system is used with LG smart hotel TVs.

Avalon Samsung tv frame

Avalon Waterways offers ship and river cruises worldwide. Their European river boats use the Hibox TV system for rich entertainment to passengers and crew alike.


Karolinska Tv Ui Samsung tv frame

Hibox provides the Hospital DMD platform to Nya Karolinska via partners. A uniquely intuitive user interface and remote control is combined with new functionality and a survey integration.

Jarvenpää Ui Samsung tv frame

The new Järvenpää Hospital uses Smartroom for management of all screens, in public areas as well as patient rooms. The system is deeply integrated, with service call, queue management, calendars and emergency alarms etc.

Tyks Samsung tv frame

Turku University Hospital (TYKS) uses Smartroom Patient TV system to allow patients to acquire additional information on heart diseases and related treatments, e.g. using guidance videos and animations on the TV screen.

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Vasterbotten Samsung tv frame

Västerbottens Landsting uses the Smartroom Patient TV system in hospitals in three cities. The management of all screens is centralised on a single server.