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Improve your guest satisfaction and reduce your operational costs with Hibox Smartroom. We offer innovative solutions for hotel TV systems and reliable workflow tools for hotel staff.
  • doneComplete entertainment, information and communication services
  • doneFor chains or individual hotels - built to scale
  • doneSpeed and flexibility through cloud hosting
  • donePersonalization through PMS-integration
  • doneCasting from any device


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Personalize the guest experience and
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Hibox Smartroom for your guests

Hotel TV Solutions that enhance the guest experience in your hotel - luxury, mid-scale or budget

Smartroom TV

Smartroom TV is a hospitality television software that creates a digital experiences for your guests, similar to that of their own' living rooms. Smartroom is compatible with all major hotel tv brands.


  • doneNative apps
  • doneBYOD: Casting
  • doneCustom UI
  • donePMS-integration

Smartroom Mobile

Smartroom Mobile allows you to increase your per room revenues by offering premium internet to your guests. Let your guests' choose between free internet with slower speeds that are good for email, or higher speeds for streaming their content onto the TV.


  • doneHSIA Gateway
  • doneFaster Wifi
  • doneBandwidth control

Hibox Smartroom for your staff

Powerful staff tools that improve your workflow and reduce costs


The Hibox Housekeeper Tool is a hospitality housekeeping system that helps you streamline and track room cleaning in your hotel. It also makes it easier to report and fix maintenance problems and is integratable with the PMS. The Housekeeper allows a faster time to revenue once the room is cleaned.


  • doneDynamic task allocation
  • doneCentralized management
  • doneReporting
  • doneCleaning & Maintenance


The Hibox Evacuator is a hotel security management extension that can send emergency messaging directly to the in-room TVs with at least 12 different messages. The Evacuator is easily integrated into the hotel PMS and primary alarm systems.


  • doneAutomatic & manual alarms
  • doneAlarm system integration
  • doneMessaging panel
  • doneMessages with sound
The Hibox Smartroom solution has proven to be extremely adaptable to new features and offers all the necessary components for a large chain that operates multiple hotel properties.

Gunnar Sveinsson, Icelandair Hotels Group
Hibox provided the best quality-to-price ratio. Also their rapid development and knowledge in IPTV impressed us.

Kenneth Kronström, IT project manager, Viking Line



We are TV experts. Hibox was the first company in the world to install HTML-based solutions in hotels with Samsung, Philips MediaSuite and LG WebOS TVs. This is no coincidence. We enjoy spearheading new technology and utilize our experience to create exciting solutions. Your project will inspire us.


We are TV engineers. We create a new integration every month on average, and eat technical specifications for breakfast. Our rock-solid competence in current TV, server and web technologies guarantee a smooth integration with your systems.

Global lifetime support

Never become obsolete. As a Hibox Smartroom customer, you’re entitled to updates as long as your subscription is active. You even get access to new features and adaptations to all new TV models. At some point, you may need to update the in-room equipment, but Hibox Smartroom will always be up to date.


The choice is yours. Hibox Smartroom offers unmatched flexibility in all aspects of the deployment: In-room equipment, connectivity, servers, business model and integration.

In-room equipment

You can freely choose between all major hospitality TV brands, or add a set-top box if you need to keep your existing TVs.

List of compatible hospitality TV models >


We can get connected everywhere. A fixed LAN connection to the rooms is recommended, but you can also connect with Data Over Coax or Wi-Fi.

Connectivity Scenarios PDF >

Server placement

Physical or virtual server? Local, hosted or in the cloud? You decide.

TV Channels

IPTV multicast, unicast premium channels, digital (DVB-T2/C/S2, ATSC) or good old analog. If the TV supports it, so do we.

Business model

We’ll offer a SaaS model with a monthly subscription. If you need something else, let us know and we’ll have a solution.


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