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Improve the guest experience and boost staff efficiency

Hibox Smartroom is an innovative solution for multi-screen hotel TV systems and reliable workflow tools for staff.

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Smartroom for staff

Powerful tools that improve your workflow
and reduce daily costs.

The Hibox Housekeeper for hotel housekeeping management on tablet

Hotel housekeeping

Dynamic task allocation | Central management | Reporting | Cleaning & maintenance

Hibox Housekeeper is a hospitality housekeeping system that helps you streamline and track room cleaning in your hotel. It also makes it easier to report and fix maintenance problems and is integratable with the PMS.

The Hibox Evacuator messaging panel

Hotel evacuation & security

Automatic & manual alarms | Messaging panel | Alarm system integration | Messages with sound

Hibox Evacuator is a hotel security management extension that can send emergency messaging directly to the in-room TVs with at least 12 different messages. It is easily integrated into the hotel PMS and primary alarm systems.

Digital hotel experiences redefined

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We were the first company in the world to install HTML-based solutions in hotels with Samsung, Philips MediaSuite and LG WebOS TVs. This is no coincidence. We enjoy spearheading new technology and utilize our experience to drive innovation.

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We are TV engineers who create a new integration every month on average, and eat technical specifications for breakfast. Our rock-solid competence in current TV, server and web technologies guarantee a smooth integration with your systems.

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Life support

As a Hibox Smartroom customer, you’re entitled to updates as long as your subscription is active, and even get access to new features across all TV models. You may need to upgrade your in-room equipment, but Hibox Smartroom will always stay up to date.

Ready to build your Hospitality service?

We are a group of TV experts and engineers who have been creating interactive entertainment solutions for nearly two decades. We know the ins and outs of the business and look forward to working with you.

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