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Screen displaying user interface for hospital tv solution

An in-room tablet solution that puts your services at your guests' fingertips

In-room tablet solution for hotels and hospitality facilities

Smartroom Tablet is a in-room tablet software solution with PMS integration that places your services directly at the fingertips of your guests. With entertainment, information and services so readily available you can provide a better guest experience that drives engagement.

Hotel in-room technology takes the guest experience to a new level

Guest engagement

Guests are intrigued by a tablet in their room, which makes them more prone to finding and using your offered services.

Guest Requests

Guests get their own in-room concierge. Room service, dinner reservations or spa treatments, all amenities can be ordered in seconds with the hotel tablet.

Guest Communication

Calling the reception has never been this easy, guests can start video calls or chat directly with the reception through the tablet, or even call other guests by calling their in-room tablets if they wish.

Guest Entertainment

With the tablet guests can watch TV, play games or use it as a streaming platform for watching their own content from their favorite streaming apps, or even cast it to the in-room TV.

Upselling & Promotion

The in-room tablet gives you a new avenue for upselling, cross-selling and promotion. Room service orders, restaurant bookings, special offers and late check-out are great ways of boosting sales revenue.

Portable Device

The portability of the tablet allows guests to enjoy your services outside of the room as well. Guests can for example read newspapers at breakfast or watch Netflix by the pool.

What benefits does hotel tablet software provide for your hotel?

In addition to the obvious guest experience improvements hotel tablets provide, there are also a number of operational benefits that make a lot of business sense:

  • Increase sales revenue: By selling hotel services and pushing promotions to guests on the tablet
  • Lower costs: With a digital guest directory you don’t have to provide expensive printed material that take a lot of time and money to update
  • Save time: With content management in the web-browser it is super fast and effortless to update content
  • Collect usage data: Optimize your services and personalize the guest experience by making informed decisions through data and analytics
  • Collect guest feedback: Collecting guest feedback is much easier and faster when you can deploy customer insight questionnaires and surveys to guests directly on the tablet
  • Secure usage: You can rest easy as mobile device management keeps all guest data secure when the tablet is in use and with a PMS integration the system knows when guests arrive and leave, making sure all that data is wiped upon check out

Secure mobile device management (MDM) with Samsung Knox

Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives you complete visibility and control of your in-room tablets so you can easily manage all the devices in your hotel remotely from a web-browser.

Smartroom Tablet is integrated with Samsung Knox MDM to give your guest a safe and reliable experience. Data on each device is encrypted and secured for ultimate protection.

For an additional sense of security, Smartroom Tablet also offers guest the option of deleting all their usage data themselves by the push of a button.

Smartroom Tablet works on all tablets from Samsung

Our hotel tablet solution works with all Samsung Knox enabled tablets, meaning that you can pick and choose from Samsung's wide range of tablets as they all come with Knox built-in.

With the tablet of your choice and the Smartroom Tablet software tailored to your brand and with your preferred services, you are guaranteed to drive better guest engagement and boost satisfaction.

Hotel tablets combined with other guest-facing displays

Smartroom Tablet works perfectly as a stand-alone in-room technology solution. But it also works as one component in the complete Smartroom Hospitality system.

With the entire Smartroom Hospitality family, you create a unified experience for your guests that streamlines content, services, information and your brand across all guest-facing screens

The Smartroom platform can also be integrated with external solutions, such as room automation technologies and your existing services and workflows, giving you one holistic system for everything.


Over 90% of guests use the hotel WiFi for internet services.. Why not give them a bigger device for browsing and pack it full of your services?

Put your services at the fingertips of your guests with in-room tablets