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TV & Digital Signage for
Residential Care

Improve resident comfort and quality of life in your assisted living or elderly care facilities with display solutions for entertainment, communication and engagement.

Display Solutions for All Kinds of Residential Care Facilities - And Home Care

All types of care models benefit from display based information, entertainment and communication systems.

Illustration of buildings that represent an assisted living facility.

Assisted living

Assisted living and independent living facilities where residents need assistance with activities of daily living (ADL).

Illustration of buildings that represent an elderly care facility.

Elderly Care

Elderly and senior care facilities, nursing homes, retirement homes and senior living communities.

Illustration of a small house that represents to visualize home care.

Home Care

Managed TVs installed in the clients’ homes facilitates aging in place and reduces the time-consuming and expensive home visits by caregivers.

Entertainment, Communication and Services on In-room TVs, Digital Signage Displays or Managed Tablets

With proper digital tools, you will increase the quality of life and engagement of your residents.

Overview illustration of the Smartroom Care user interface.
Icon of a TV.

Live TV

With Live TV residents can watch their favourite TV channels and programming just like they do at home.

Icon of a video vall on computer.

Video calls

Video calls is a modern way of keeping in touch with loved ones that also enables remote doctor or nurse appointments.

Icon of a nurse.

Services & Information

Nurse call, food ordering and menus, janitorial services or any type of service and information that is relevant for your residents can be displayed and ordered through the TV.

A play icon.


On-demand entertainment applications such as Netflix and YouTube combined with a casting solution, live TV and radio creates the ultimate entertainment experience for your residents.

A message icon.

Messaging & Reminders

Staff can send messages such as reminders about medicine, physical activity or event invitations directly to residents through the in-room TV or tablet.

Icon of a family.

Family Contact

Make social media feeds of friends and family easily accessible to your residents.

Let the TV Become Part of Your Care Delivery

Drawing on our extensive experience from different markets - hotels, hospitals and home entertainment - Smartroom Care combines the best of all worlds to improve the residents’ quality of life and ease the burden on staff.

  • doneFull access to entertainment and information.
  • doneA tool for communicating with staff, friends and family.
  • doneIncreases safety: Always connected, never lost or out of batteries.
  • doneA familiar device with a big screen and a customized remote control.
  • doneNo need to assist residents with their personal TVs

Video Calls Allows Residents to Stay Connected With Friends and Family

Staying socially active and maintaining interpersonal social relationships is important for elderly people. Also, busy working age people want an easy way to spend quality time with their loved ones, making sure that their aging parents are well.

Smartroom offers video calls through the in-room TV.

  • doneAn easy way to stay in touch with friends and relatives.
  • doneA feeling of being in the same space with the loved ones.
  • doneCan be used for doctor-to-patient video sessions.
  • donePerfect for group activities such as coordinated exercise, group therapy sessions, etc.

Smartroom also brings the social media feeds of friends and family members, for instance grandchildren, directly to the TV screen.

Image of video call between a laptop and a in-room TV.

Ease the Burden and Let Staff Focus on What They Do Best

In assisted living facilities, where the quality of care sometimes suffers from understaffing, Smartroom Care frees up resources and allows the staff to spend more time on work that really matters.

  • doneSmartroom Care saves costs and improves the quality of care.
  • doneEmployees that are not overworked will have the level of focus required to maintain a good staff-resident relationship.
  • doneReduces demand for personal protective equipment and limits exposure for healthcare staff and patients.

Control All Displays From One Location

Through centralized management of all displays the system becomes easy to control, be it in-room TVs, digital signage displays in public areas, smaller interactive doorway displays, or a combination of them all.

The Hibox Admin tool allows you to update and edit content on individual displays, groups of displays or all displays directly in your web browser.

Image of laptop with the Hibox Admin display systmem management tool running in the browser.
Overview illustration of the a complete display system in a senior care or assisted living facility, complete with in-room TVs, digital signage screens, managed tablets and doorway displays.

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