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Smartroom for Healthcare

Hospital TV Solutions that improve the patient experience

The quality of patient care and comfort is all about operational efficiency. By integrating your existing processes with a healthcare TV system, you can improve both the patient experience and the efficiency of your healtcare professionals.

Multiscreen patient TV solution for educating and informing patients, making clinical workflows more efficient and offering a true entertainment experience for all patients.

Patient utilizing patient education on TV through patient tv system

Patient Education on TV's

Raise patients' awareness of medical conditions as well as the different stages in the treatment and recovery phases. Use text, images and video, to educate patients via patient TV's and improve medical treatment results.

Hospital staff benefit from efficiency in clinical workflows

Faster Clinical Workflows

Smartroom gives the staff tools for communicating the same information to multiple patient rooms simultaneously. Patients can even make requests using the TV, reducing the amount of times a staff member needs to visit each patient.

Patient enjoying content just like at home with patient tv system

Connected like at home

With Smartroom, the patient can enjoy entertainment similar to the living room with multi-screen access to: TV channels, screen casting, video on demand, radio, games and social media. Make the patient feel relaxed and connected like at home, and less worried about the current situation.

Busy corridor in hospital

Hospital Wayfinding

From the moment the patients enter the building, our 24/7 info screens can guide them to the right locations. Our wayfinding solution can show floor plans and queues, and even integrates with self-service kiosks, allowing care professionals to focus on what they do best.

Patient utilizing patient education on TV through patient tv system

Accessible for All Patients

We can provide simplified user interfaces with fonts and contrasts optimized for visually impaired, washable anti-bacterial remote controls with fewer buttons, hearing loops and loudness management, age-appropriate content and tailored info and entertainment for all patient groups.

Patient utilizing patient education on TV through patient tv system

Room & Staff Allocation

Away with the engraved door signs! Your hectic work environment requires dynamic allocation of rooms and staff. Our digital door displays can show meeting room schedules, staff names and titles and even the room purposes can be updated in real time from your calendar and staff allocation applications.



We are TV experts. We digitalize healthcare using TV and info screen innovations tailored for patients and care professionals. We enjoy spearheading new technology and utilize our experience to create exciting solutions that improve your patients' experience. Your project will inspire us.

Global lifetime support

Never become obsolete. As a Hibox Smartroom customer, you’re entitled to updates as long as your subscription is active. You even get access to new features and adaptations to all new hospital grade TV models. At some point, you may need to update the in-room equipment, but Hibox Smartroom will always be up to date.


We are TV engineers. New technology becomes meaningful for care professionals when it’s thoughtfully integrated into existing processes. Our rock solid competence in current healthcare TV, server and web technologies guarantee the smooth interoperability with your systems and daily workflow.


The choice is yours. Hibox Smartroom offers unmatched flexibility in all aspects of the deployment: Screen equipment, connectivity, servers, business model and integration. The system works in both new hospitals and legacy buildings with respect for your IT security and infrastructure needs. Our hospital TV solutions are also scalable from one ward up to multiple hospitals.

Improve your patient experience
through interactive hospital TV.