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User interface of patient TV system on hospitality tv

Multiscreen patient TV solution for educating and informing patients, making clinical workflows more efficient and offering a true entertainment experience for all patients.

Patient utilizing patient education on TV through patient tv system

Patient Education on TV's

Raise patients' awareness of medical conditions as well as the different stages in the treatment and recovery phases. Use text, images and video, to educate patients via patient TV's and improve medical treatment results.

Hospital staff benefit from efficiency in clinical workflows

Efficiency in Clinical Workflows

Smartroom gives the staff tools for communicating the same information to multiple patient rooms simultaneously. Patients can even make requests using the TV, reducing the amount of times a staff member needs to visit each patient.

Patient enjoying content just like at home with patient tv system

Entertainment just like at home

With Smartroom, the patient can enjoy an experience similar to the living room with multiscreen access to: TV channels, Video-On-Demand, Internet radio, Games and Social Media. Make the patient feel relaxed and satisfied, like at home, and less time worrying about the current situation.

Key Features:

  • ✔  Medical Treatment Videos
  • ✔  Broadcasted information
  • ✔  Info Displays in Public Areas
  • ✔  Feedback Questionnaires
  • ✔  TV and Movies
  • ✔  Radio and Audio Content
  • ✔  Screen Mirroring from Own Device