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OTT Platform

The ott platform Hibox Aura's user interface displayed on smart tv


Hibox has developed a sophisticated OTT platform that has anticipated the future for how people receive and view information and entertainment content. Over-The-Top content or OTT content delivery is based on standardized broadband technology, but the actual delivery of the content is done without the internet service provider being involved in the actual distribution. Our platform uses this technology to provide reliable and up-to-date service for our customers.

our ott platform is easy to use

We have invested a great deal of time and effort to ensure that our OTT platform is accessible and easy to use. The current version of our OTT platform can be accessed from various mobile devices, as well as from traditional desktop and laptop PC’s.

Users can access our platform via

✔  TV

✔  PC

✔  Smartphone

✔  tablet

our ott platform enables easy access to

✔  TV programs

✔  Movies

✔  Recording

✔  Various interactive services

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