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In-room entertainment solution with casting for hotels and hospitality

Football game screen shared from smart phone to hospitality tv
Casting: The content your guests want

Online media streaming is the new norm for in-room entertainment as hotel guests move away from traditional pay TV and VOD (video on demand) to personal media subscriptions and SVOD (subscription video on demand). In addition to video, guests also use subscription-based music, news and game services on a daily basis.

With Hibox CastGate the guest experience is improved by allowing guests to use their own media subscriptions like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu on the hotel TV. Guests can cast from all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Logos of media streaming services Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

As part of the extended Smartroom family, CastGate can be bundled with our complete hospitality TV system, delivering a comprehensive digital guest experience.

Super easy and intuitive connection to the hotel TV By using QR code technology, your guests can easily connect their personal devices to the in-room TV and stream their favorite content on the big screen. Movies, TV shows, music and news can all be cast to the TV through the guest's own pre-installed apps.
1. Connect to WIFI

You can connect through either a code on the TV or directly to the guest wifi.

2. Scan the QR code

With the camera on IOS, or Google Lens on Android. You can even connect a laptop through the simple link on the screen.

Chromecast icon
3. Start casting

Choose your favorite app, start streaming and cast the content to the hotel TV.

Benefits of CastGate for your guests With Hibox CastGate your guests can enjoy the same content as they do at home and experience modern in-room entertainment.
  • Bring your own content
  • Intuitive to use with easy set up
  • Secure connection
  • Works with all recent Android and iOS smart devices
  • Works with casting-enabled apps
Benefits of CastGate for your hotel By allowing guests to cast their own content to the TV you do not have to pay for expensive channel packages and you increase guest satisfaction.
  • Cost-effective
  • Increases guest satisfaction
  • Centralized control
  • Analytics reveal the popularity of Chromecasting and other features
  • Chromecasts are included in the Admin dashboard for presence status and remote management
Casting through CastGate and Chromecast

Our casting solution is powered by the Castgate and Google Chromecast.

The Hibox CastGate is a physical hardware server that controls the network access between the guests’ own devices and the Chromecast behind the TV. This allows using the Chromecast in consumer mode just like at home, without the limitations of the Chromecast guest mode.

Guests use info on the TV screen to pair their devices with the Chromecast, so they can only use the Chromecast in the same room, allowing for a secure connection that protects the privacy of your hotel guests.

As always, we developed this product in-house by ourselves, which allows us to quickly update the functionality if required. Most other companies buy the Chromecast management as a third-party service.

Hibox CastGate is a multi-purpose product Since the CastGate is a local server, it can also be used for other purposes like:
  • Hosting TV firmware for central firmware updates
  • Hosting movie clips for welcome videos
  • Building a coverage map for the guest wifi

Hibox CastGate is a truly multi-functional piece of hardware that simplifies the internal processes of your hotel tv system and improves the guest experience. Contact our TV Experts for more information by clicking the button below.

Hotel guests stream content 580 Million

global digital media subscriptions in 2018 including video, music, games and news

777 Million

estimated global SVOD subscriptions by the end of 2023

Give your hotel guests the content they want with Hibox Castgate