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01.05.2024 | 7 min read.

Simple and Secure Video Call Solutions for Healthcare and Patient Care

Mathias Johnson

Healthcare video call solutions are well-established technology that has long been a part of both everyday communication and operation of the sector. Telehealth services, for instance, leverage video call applications to facilitate remote consultations and support ongoing patient management. Various forms of communication applications are installed and adopted across care facilities, still, there remains a need for specialized solutions tailored to specific groups of users. As an example, the elderly, children, and individuals in certain healthcare scenarios often require simpler, more accessible communication tools, distinct from the feature-rich platforms prevalent in the market. These specialized solutions focus on enhancing accessibility and simplicity for users who might find conventional technology challenging to navigate. Rather than overwhelming users with features, these streamlined services focus on functionality, accessibility, and privacy—qualities that make them invaluable in medical contexts.

Let’s explore the benefits of such simplified video call solutions in healthcare below.

Streamlined interfaces for ease of use

Simplified video call applications are a communication tool that anyone can use without a steep learning curve, serving as a fundamental part of the patient care solution. These platforms dial back on complexity to offer interfaces with large, legible text and intuitive controls, ideal for those who struggle with small, confusing buttons typical of modern smartphones. By concentrating on essential functions and limiting contacts to a pre-approved list, these services ensure users can connect with their caregivers or loved ones without any hassle or unnecessary stress.

In some applications, users can choose between a managed tablet or a television equipped with a webcam. The latter option utilizes a large screen that is easy to see and interact with, making it an ideal choice for those who may benefit from a bigger display, such as individuals with impaired vision or those who find smaller devices cumbersome. This ensures accessibility since users can choose the mode of communication that best suits their needs and environment.

Hibox Carecall
Example: A usual phone app can have thousands of contacts, while Hibox’s Carecall only includes a few pre-approved ones. (Hibox’s Carecall fulfills and exceeds the EU's accessibility recommendations on text size, assuming a viewing distance of 30 cm.)

Security and privacy: a top priority

In today's digital age, where data privacy concerns are more prominent than ever, simplified video call solutions offer a secure communication channel. Video call applications designed specifically for care purposes steadfastly protect user data, as information is strictly managed and not to be shared with third parties. This commitment to privacy is coupled with controlled contact lists, ensuring conversations can only occur between users and their trusted circle of family and healthcare providers. This creates a safe space where patients feel secure in their interactions.

Enhancing patient experience with direct communication

Effective communication impacts everything from the quality of care to the patient engagement system. Real-time, face-to-face interactions without the need for physical travel make it easier for patients to consult with healthcare providers, which leads to greater patient involvement in their recovery processes, improving understanding, satisfaction, and overall engagement.

Video call applications cut through potential communication barriers, providing a direct line between patients and healthcare providers. This not only expedites care delivery but also empowers patients, giving them the autonomy to manage their health actively. For many, especially the elderly or young, being able to reach out independently can feel both liberating and comforting.

Quick and timely communication also bolsters the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff. By providing healthcare professionals with a direct and reliable means to communicate with their patients, these tools can operate similarly to a nurse call system, enabling timely care and swift responses to patient inquiries or concerns. The immediate connectivity helps reduce the time spent on logistical hurdles, allowing staff to allocate more focus and resources toward patient care, naturally enhancing patient satisfaction as well as trust and confidence between patients and healthcare providers.

Expanding the impact across healthcare settings

Video calling solutions do more than facilitate individual conversations; they serve as crucial tools across the healthcare spectrum, effective as a nurse call system or in supporting senior care activities. Whether it's enabling remote patient monitoring, supporting mental health treatments, or streamlining post-operative check-ins, the adaptability of these platforms makes them a perfect fit for both institutional and home care settings. Their simplicity ensures that all involved—patients, caregivers, and medical professionals—can focus more on care and less on navigating complex technology.


By focusing on what truly matters—accessibility, privacy, and ease of use—simplified video call solutions address a more niche communication need in healthcare. They are not about adding more bells and whistles but rather stripping down to the essentials to meet the needs of an important group of users. As healthcare continues to embrace technology, these solutions offer a reminder that sometimes, less is more.

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